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DECEMBER 4, 2010
This exceptional pedigree includes DC AFC Sam Saint Max MH, DC AFC Lieblinghaus Hunter's Moon SH, DC Odyssey's Saint Blitz MH, Quincy VD Westwind, Hillhaven, NFC FC Sanjo Sin City Slicker, and NFC Heide's Mighty City Slicker. Also the famous Moesgaard, Hillhaven and Rawhide lines. Dam of pups, Trinka (right)  Sire of pups, Kansas (left)  Additional photos of Trinka and Kansas can be found on The Girls page and The Boys page.
(above) Sonje vom Schlussstein, aka: Miss Pink now owned by Buddy & Kathie, PA
Sonje below at 16 weeks old.  Pointing a Chukar in a brush pile.
Sonje below at 11 months old.

Chloe II vom Schlussstein, aka Miss Purple now owned by John & Ashley, PA
(above) Chloe at 12 weeks old pointing a Chukar. (Nov. 2011:  Chloe is now an AKC Junior Hunter!)

Blitz vom Schlussstein aka Mr. Dark Blue now owned by Scott & Cynthia, PA

Milo vom Schlussstein aka Mr. Red now owned by Charles, PA

(Buddy) Kamerad vom Schlussstein aka Mr. Gold owned by Joe & Donna, MA
Cooper vom Schlussstein aka Mr. Light Blue now owned by Henry & Kristen, MA

Zeuss (Mr. Green) (above and photo to right with Andrew & Adriana w/Trinka & Kansas)

Above Miss Pink (Chloe II)  Photo to right pups playing is Miss Purple and Miss Pink.

Females                                                          Males
1.  John & Ashley, PA                                   1.   Scott & Cynthia, PA
2.  Buddy & Kathie, PA                                 2.  Joe & Donna, MA
                                                                           3.  Andy & Adriana, FL
                                                                           4.  Charles, PA
                                                                           5.  Henry & Kristen, MA