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Please check the Rock Tavern site for the next scheduled training day.  You will need to become a member of the National's before becoming a member of any local chapter.  JOIN TODAY!
Photos below taken on April 14, 2012 training day.
Photos below taken on August 6, 2011 at Rock Tavern training day.
(above) Digby vom Schlussstein retrieving a Quail.

(five photos below were taken on July 23, 2011 at Rock Tavern training.)
Tiva (above) honoring a Weimeraner's point. Rock Tavern, NY chapter (6/25/11)
Tiva (above) close up of honor to Weimeraner.
photo below from the Hudson Valley chapter training on 6/24/11
Below are photos from the May 21, 2011 training clinic (Rock Tavern)
Photos below are from the August 7, 2010 training clinic.
Below are photos from the July 17, 2010 training clinic.
This swamp pond is beautiful!
Photos below are photos from the training clinic on June 26, 2010