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(Truffles X Ruger)

Hi Marie!

I hope you are doing well!! It's been awhile since I've emailed with an update but wanted to tell you that Ranger is a natural in the field and successfully completed his first bird hunt. My husband is super impressed with his drive and work in the field at such a young age and how easy he is to train. He loves to work that's for sure!!

He's just such a big part of our world so thanks again for breeding the best!!

Fall Blessings,
The Tillotson Family

Hi Marie,

Just wanted to write you an email to see how you were.  Things are great here in Colorado.  

Our baby boy Ryan just turned 1 last weekend and we could not be happier.  Ryan has discovered his new best friend Jacoby!   It is amazing how good Jacoby has been with Ryan.  They love to play fetch and Ryan loves to give Jacoby his daily hugs.  Ryan will be walking very soon and I am sure they will be playing even more!

 Joe and Maggie
Hi Marie,

I just wanted to give you a brief update on Blaze. We've had him a little over 3 weeks now, and all I can say is "what a dog"! He is so smart, crate training/housebreaking is going well, we hung a string of bells on the back door, and he now always rings them to let us know when he has to go out. We put the crate in our bedroom at night time, and he gives us 5-7 hours without a peep. He already knows "stay", "sit", and is somewhat selective with "come", but is steadily improving. We "whoa" train him with meals, (we have to, he inhales a bowl of food like I've never seen before), I whoa him between mouthfuls so he learns to slow down,and coming into the house, and he does it every time!

Lisa and I love him to death, besides being the most beautiful dog we've ever seen, he is comical, and we love his antics. I can't wait to begin NAVHDA training with him in April.

Good luck with your new litters and have a Merry Christmas.
Bob Musco

(Pups registered name is Blaze of Glory vom Schlussstein)
Hi Marie, I can't believe that our Zoey is now turning 2. Paul and I have retired and Zoey is our constant companion. She goes almost everywhere with us and is always well behaved. Last week we took her to a concert in our downtown plaza and Zoey was surrounded by fans young and old. She sat regally and took it all in being gentle and loving. One woman told us she had never seen such a well behaved GSP. She said a friend had one but that till age 15 it jumped on people, pulled on leash and was "wild". We told her it all starts with good breeding and then you mix in plenty of exercise and gentle consistent discipline. We can not imagine life without her. During the day she walks with us, patrols the yard for errant rabbits, and chases lizards. At night she curls up in her favorite leather chair for TV viewing. Every time we go to your web site Paul starts longing for another friend. But right now I think Zoey is just right. We will send you some pictures soon and you will see how beautiful she is. Take care, Denise Roy and Paul Eitner
Andy Bilardello
Congratulations on the new pups! If they prove to be anything like their older brothers and sisters (Trinka x Kansas 2010) they will be awesome hunters and pets. I am so happy with Zeus Vom Schlusstein Bilardello. Everyone who sees him working in the field or playing at the beach, comments on how nice he is. You're a good breeder Marie Onorevole, keep up the good work!!
Hi Marie,

I apologize that it has been so long since I last wrote to you- hopefully the next update won't be so delayed. I graduated from veterinary school on Sunday, and can say with confidence that Lucy has played a big part in getting me there. She's such a fantastic dog and over the past four years, she's been my study buddy, ever present companion, and a great distraction when one is needed from the work. She's helped me and a number of other new veterinarians en route to our degrees in so many ways! We are about to head from Boston to Denver for my first job and I'm sure she will fit in quite well with all the other bird dogs out there. She's also in line to be the ring bearer at my wedding in 2014. Thanks again for such a great dog- she's everything we could have hoped for and more!

Hope all is well,
Alex Robb, DVM
Dear Marie, Hello there! It's been such a long, long time since I've written to you. I just have to update you on our Remington (from Briar and Kansas). He's a year and 7 months now, a gorgeous, gorgeous dog. Rich will be sending you pictures of him soon. He has been so busy with work, hunting and Remi, he hasn't taken a minute to keep you posted.
First off, he waited until Remi was 9 months old before he had him neutered, because I was determined to put him in a breed match...he's that outstanding. But, we couldn't get together with the girl who was to work with Rich for handling lessons, and Rich was actively hunting him, and he didn't want him to get hurt in the brushes and thick briars. He graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and the STAR Puppy class and got his diploma from Beginners class. With the most minimal of work, he retrieves, after sitting at heel and waiting to be released. He doesn't have the hold down solid yet, preferring to stand in front of you and tossing you the item. Be it newspaper, ball or bird!
Rich took a Bird Dog training class at the local Tech High School, last winter, the same time I was instructing obedience classes. The instructor, Howard Wright, a Spinone Italiano owner and a board member of the local GSP club, said he has never seen a dog (of any breed) work like Remington at his young age. He wasn't a year old yet. Rich went out with Howard and a couple of others, pheasant hunting. Out of 11 birds shot, Remi pointed, Rich or one of the others shot, Remi waited until released, and retrieved.... 9! Howard's Spinone got 2. Howard was speechless. He's encouraging Rich to do Field Trials to get a Jr. Hunter. It would be too easy!
I've never seen such a birdy dog. If you say "Bird?", he goes into a stalk and starts shaking. When you let him out, he immediately drops into a stalking posture, turning his head very slowly as he looks around. We laugh and laugh at him. Add that to his personality and temperament. OMG! Where do I begin!?
Remi is the biggest baby, sweetest soul, most devoted dog EVER! He is a thumb sucking, blankie carrying, velcro, "I must be attached to you" dog you could imagine! Yes, I said thumb sucking and blankie carrying. He lays with Rich and sucks Rich's finger, his paws kneading the blanket. When he comes out of his crate, he picks up his blanket (he has 7 ) and carries them out, jumps on the couch and starts sucking the blanket. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that...he sucks his blanket, too! We laugh and laugh at him. Yes, he loves the couch, loves to be under the blanket and lay his head on the pillow. How can we possibly resist that?! He's so clean, doesn't shed and always smells so good!
I cannot forget to talk about my sweet Lab, Summer. She's 8 now, but thank God for Remi, because they play and run and carry on like crazy. I can't work or walk Summer like I used to, but Remi keeps her fit. Rich takes the 2 of them for runs in our back woods almost daily. Remi wears his e collar, which he trained to like an old pro. I'm telling you, Marie, this dog has changed our lives. I've never lived with a bird dog, but have worked with them in obedience. The birdy instinct, the focus, the intelligence of this breed, is nothing short of God's miracle. It would be such an injustice not to let this breed act, work and experience what their breeding tells them they must do. He is an awesome Frisbee dog...he flies...soars in the air to catch it every time, he is the squirrels' worse nightmare in our yard, and his confirmation, his build, is just amazing. He's as solid as a brick wall, not one ounce of fat on him, and his muscles are so defined. What an athlete. His color and markings are stunning - everyone comments - and he just gleams.
What I really want to say is...your breeding lines, your dedication to this breed, Remi's lines - are just so awesome....I say a prayer that you'll be doing this for a long, long time because I know Rich will never have any other breed and will only want dogs from you. I hope this finds you and all your wonderful dogs well and healthy. Fondly, Nancy Minarik

Hi Marie,
I hope all is well. I wanted to send you a pic of Saturday AM when Elly was introduced to her first pheasants (outside of the pen). We have also been “playing” with quail for the last week or so and she loves it.
We eased her into the live bird exposure. We’ve been playing “hide the wing” every day for a few months so she is really fast on scent. I’ve also had live birds in a pen for 3 or 4 weeks now and she is totally used to bird noise and movements.
Regarding the quail she gets on them extremely fast. We started with me holding the bird and her getting used them, progressed to clipped winged birds, then on to multiple birds out at a time.
When I brought the pheasant home I left them in the crate on the ground for a few hours for Elly to get some exposure without them immediately flushing. She is a bold little girl and instantly wanted those birds. After a few days of her seeing them in the pen I ground staked two birds for her and she had zero issues with the size or noise.
The first blank fired was probably 50-60 yds from her and she paid no attention. The 2nd she casually walked over smelled my hand and the gun then ran right back out looking for birds. She hasn’t acknowledge a shot since. Still easing her into that too. To top it off she keeps her range when within 40 yds pretty consistently. I didn’t have to train her on that she just does it. Always aware of where I’m at and where we are going.
She is honestly an awesome dog. I can’t tell you how happy we are with her. She learns so fast and has an awesome personality. One funny note she likes to sleep under the covers. It’s a good thing we have a king size bed. Thanks.
Jim M.

Hi Marie!

I haven't sent you an update on Heidi in quite a while so I thought I would touch base. Heidi is 4 now and doing great. She is such an amazing dog. She is truly one of the family. We try to give her what she needs and in return she is such a wonderful dog. The vet always comments on how perfect her muscle and size is. She gets a lot of exercise everyday and in return we get a lot of exercise!

Here's a picture of Heidi watching me cook. She is waiting for me to drop some food whether by a accident or on purpose! Hope all is well with you!

Kelley K.

Lincoln is out of Colton X Trinka litter

Hello Marie,

Our little "snuggle bug" is now our BIG girl! She is doing wonderful and we are so in love with her! We couldn't be more happy with her as the first official addition to our family. She is doing great with training outside and is understanding more and more commands every day. We have also seen a huge improvement in her puppy biting. We are signed up to go to puppy school in June and can't wait! She is an amazing family oriented dog as well. She loves to be right with us wherever either one of us goes and she could not be more happy sitting right in between us! We recently introduced her to our other family dogs and they did great together. She's the most excited of them all. My brother has a 6 month old Javanese and they played and chased each other for hours! Today we went to the vet for the third time and she received her final set of shots. She loves the vet and he loves her equally. We scheduled her appointment to be spayed for late June.

We can not thank you enough for her. At times, I think we love her too much! She's an amazing dog, friend and family member! We will keep you posted. :)

Elizabeth, Eric and Lincoln

Just wanted to send out an email about your website. You have BY FAR the most informative, interactive, and knowledgeable site regarding your breeding. Once we found your site, we were confident that we found the best in our area. I love that most everyone who has purchased a dog has gotten their picture by the mantel! It is quite obvious that this is your passion and not a business. - Jackie and Brian

Hi Marie, I can’t believe Zoey is already 9 months old! She is a marvelous dog. We can not imagine life without her. She is my walking companion every morning and my couch snuggler every evening. She loves to “help” me in the garden and can dig a mean hole. She has passed her intermediate training with flying colors and will soon start agility training. We are constantly amazed at how quick and smart she is and always loving. Everyone agrees that she is a most beautiful dog and carries herself with grace. I love to see her “flying” thru the backyard chasing a stick, or bird, or squirrel. Thank you for such a well bred dog. We are so glad we found you. Take care, Denise and Paul

Hi Marie!

As Trooper (Journey & Spike April 2007) approaches his 5th birthday at the end of the month, I can honestly say he is (without question) the best GSP we've ever owned. He exhibits all of the quality traits a GSP has to offer. He is extremely intelligent, an excellent watchdog, and hunter. My husband's hunt club has a few guys who hunt with shorthairs---none of them even come close to Trooper in hunting ability or looks. He is loyal, loving, eager to please and has formed a unique bond with each member of our family. He is especially protective of my youngest son and I think that Trooper truly believes he is one of our children--not just a 70 lb lap dog! He wakes me every morning with a nudge from his nose and waits for permission to snuggle. If he's not outside chasing squirrels, his favorite place is in front of the fire on a cold winter day and sitting on the steps of our pool to cool off on a hot summer day (as you can see from the photo). He loves going on the boat with Pete or just about anywhere we are willing to take him for that matter. He hears the pick up truck start and will come running from wherever he is to jump in. He even opens doors in my house to let himself out. Unfortunately, he hasn't learned how to close the door behind him but neither have my kids.

We just took a look at your web site and see that you are still turning out beautiful pups! How I wish I was crazy enough to get another puppy :) Hope all is well.

Hey Marie,

Our little Lincoln has turned into quite the "snuggle bug". She loves to play and then curl up on our laps! She has been doing very well with training outside and has been sitting on command often. On Easter, my 12 year old niece came over and Lincoln just loved her. She couldn't get enough kisses in. We were very glad to see her take to a new family members so well.

Sleeping at night has been equally as good. We turn in around 10 and she doesn't fuss too much. She seems to make it till about 3 and then up at 6 with my husband. If she wakes in between, she responds very well to Eric soothing her through the crate.
Her and I went to the vet today for the first time. She snoozed the entire trip there and back. The entire office staff came out from behind the desk area to greet her and oohed and ahhed over her. I was a very proud momma! Everyone was so complimentary of her "gorgeous" color, markings and face. The Dr. thought her to be beautiful as well and laughed at the size of her paws. He said she will be a "solid 50 pounder with these paws" haha! She was through and through healthy in his examination and he was pleased with the amount of veterinary care she received so far. It was a great trip with the exception of one part. She cried and howled the entire time, start to finish. I couldn't get her to calm down. I hope it was just nerves. He thought she might be nervous or just very vocal in her own personality. We go back in 3 weeks so we will see.

In our engrossed love for her, we have been taking a ton of pictures. I've been making a digital scrapbook with the pictures you sent of her growing and the one we have now. I attached some for you. Thank you again!!!

Elizabeth and Eric (and Lincoln too!)
(Lincoln is out of Trinka X Colton litter. 2/9/12)

I have been a big fan of your website. I am the owner of a 13 year old GSP who I adore. I saw you have a female available from Hilde and Colton’s pups. Not sure if my old girl would be happy that we bring a pup in just yet.  If not now in the future I will be contacting you for a pup. Love the way you handle your dogs like they are your children and everyone looks so happy with their new pups in their arms.
Hi Marie,
So sorry It has taken me so long to send you pictures of Sully, He is such a wonderful addition to our family, we love him so much. We had Sully at the vet on the 8th of March and he weighs 48 lbs I think he is going to be a big boy. My vet always comments on what a gorgeous dog he is. Sully has been doing some obedience training with Angelo and myself and has been doing quite well. That being said, we are definitely not dog trainers. We want him to be the best he can be, so at the end of the month he will be going to obedience training with a professional lol. Angelo has done some training with the pheasant wing on the pole and he loves it. His instincts are unbelievable he definitely has pointing down. He points robins, squirrels and even a leaf here and there. Sometimes he thinks he is in a dog show and loves to pose. Everyone who has come in contact with Sully falls instantly in love with him. He loves other dogs, kids, cats, (even though the cat doesn't seem to be too fond of him) he keeps trying. I can't imagine our family without him. Sully comes pretty much everywhere with us, and when he can't I don't know who takes it harder Angelo or Sully they are inseparable. I just wanted to say thank you so much for breeding such a spectacular pup, he definitely has filled a void in our lives. Attached I sent you a few different pictures of him from the time we brought him home up to last week. Enjoy!
Angelo and Kelli

Hi Marie,

Hello! hope everything is well just wanted to give you a quick update on Remington. Today was the first official day I took Remington on a bird hunt at the private preserve that my cousin and his shorthair hunt at, he did great! He found two chukar and did his best to point them both and only at 5 1/2 months old, I was such a proud father and cannot wait until he is completely ready to hunt all the time but he is making fantastic progress! Well, I'll be sure to keep in touch , have a great day!

Richard M.

Briar x Kansas Litter 2011

Hello Marie,

Just a quick update on Rigby. I'll send a few other pictures without text shortly.
Well it seems like only yesterday we were picking up Rigby - my how time flies! She's most definitely become one of the family!

She's about 20-21" at the shoulders and about 35 or so pounds. I think she'll be a bit smaller that her parents based on her current size and frame. I could be wrong but either way she's just fantastic. She is very playful and energetic to say the least. She gets routinely 3 walks a day with an hour or two on the weekends off the leash in a big park. I can spend that whole hour throwing a ball and she'll not even begin to pant. Amazing stamina. I'll be picking up running/jogging in the summer to keep up with her (another good thing about dogs I guess?).
As far as obedience/training - all self done so far. She is definitely on the leash while in the city - and is very good too. I sometimes feel like I'm a dog show-er at the Westminster Dog Show the way she'll trot beside me with little effort. On the weekends she gets to go to the dog park for about 1 to 1.5hrs. The whole time is spent off the leash playing with other dogs or playing "fetch" with a tennis ball. In both she is again amazing. I will throw the ball pretty far and she'll go and bring it right back to me (I originally used treats to get her to come back, now it's 2nd nature). She'll also range a bit (playing with dogs) and when I whistle/call she'll run right back. Sit/Stay/Crate and Give are all commands she knows.

I have had many many people say "4 months old - wow she is a great dog" (almost exactly the same comment from everyone who meets her). I'm no "dog whisperer" for sure but have put in some time - I really think that the ease of her training is good breeding. Congratulations on that Marie!

We have two challenges with her - neither are horrible. The first is car sickness - no matter what or how short the ride she'll start drooling immediately and if in too long will toss her breakfast. We get around this by not feeding her breakfast until we return but that still leaves us with a pile of drool :-) The 2nd is digging in the back yard. This isn't horrible either as we're going to get hardscape put down. As it is now it's just mud/dirt that just invites this behavior.
So, a few more pics will be sent out - thank you for your dedication to the breed, thanks for making me look good and hope all is well with you Tresa and the rest of Rigby's litter mates.

Rigby is out of Briar x Kansas (Sept. 2011)

Hi Marie,

I'm sorry it has been so long since we talked last, Remington and I have been very busy training and having a blast together, Attached are some pictures of Remi at just about 5 months old. I have newer ones but haven't uploaded them yet.. Remington's natural instincts have really blossomed over the last few weeks and he spends most of the days stalking and pointing birds and squirrels in our yard. I've had him out a few times on live birds and have fired the shotguns over him at close range and he performs superbly. We are inseparable now and he loves going for truck rides and long, long walks through the state forest by my house. I love him to death and cannot thank you enough for the fantastic job that you do with your dogs. I'll be sure to stay in touch more frequently now. Have a great day and a happy spring!

Richard Minarik III

Remington is out of Briar x Kansas.(Sept. 2011)


Thanks for the note.  Oona is spending the night in the hospital as she was spayed this morning.

We are enjoying both our pups immensely and they continue to do well with their training. I have attached a picture of the pups.

Best wishes for a great new year!
Patrick & Abbie

Nola (left) is out of Briar x Kansas.
Oona (right) is out of Hilde x Colton.

Zeus is the 'nephew' to Dixie. (below)

Hi Marie, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday. I want to update you on Zeus (from Trinka and Kansas). He just turned 1 year old a month ago and we went on our first hunting trip to Oklahoma for duck and geese. As I expected, he performed wonderfully. As he is now a warm weather dog (living the good life in sunny South Florida), I thought he might shy away from the cold water; I was wrong. He jumped right in to retrieve the ducks and geese without hesitation. He loves to hunt. He sat in the blind and often alerted me to the honking of approaching geese as he heard them before I did!! He'll be taking his NA test either next month in GA or here in FL in March. I'll keep you posted.

Spent some time in the Goose Blind yesterday. Dixie couldn't can see the bird fall so she got 2 “blind” water retrieves. Darn things have bodies as big as hers.

Hope you had a safe and Merry Christmas with family and friends.


Dixie is a litter mate to Trinka.
Rigby is out of Briar and Kansas (sister to my pup Tresa)
DOB:  9/16/11

A quick update on Rigby. She has been a fantastic addition to our family. She is a very lovable dog and highly intelligent. I had her doing “sit” in about 2 weeks after picking her up (so 10 weeks or so). Now, we’ve added, stay, cage, come and heel to her repertoire along with being pretty much house trained.

Our vet said she is a very beautiful dog and obviously well bred. When I gave him all the docs on her lineage (tests, etc. you provided on your site) the doc was very impressed.

She’s ¾ done on the shots and while she is being socialized by family dogs we’re dying to get her out in the dog park to play.

Thank you for doing what you do – Rigby is great, grace in motion, well bred and very loveable!

Merry Christmas!!
Kevin M.

Oskar at 5 months old! He is absolutely a wonderful dog! Finished obedience with flying colors, best in his class! After the New Year he gets neutered then we will do agility classes. No hunting classes around here for pointers, some at a distance for was recommended to for his mind. Oh well, it's a shame he won't be hunted because he has natural instincts. He is a piece of cake compared to our past Dalmatians! Oskar LOVES living here with us! I take him 2-4 mile walks almost everyday in the nature preserve along the canal. He does what I ask him...and I always have a treat! Thank you for breeding such a great dog!

Have a very Merry Christmas! Oskar hit the jackpot for gifts....and he doesn't even know it yet!

Susie and Bill

Oskar is out of Hilde and Colton.
DOB:  July 9, 2011

Dear Marie -

What a nice year we've had with Carlos.  He's a lovely dog and we've really enjoyed getting to know him.

We hope you are well.  Please know we are thinking of you with gratitude.

Merry Christmas and much joy and good health in the New Year.

All our best,

Tony, Beth, Helen, Jane & Carlos!

Carlos is out of Briar and Kansas
DOB: February 20, 2011

Millie vom Schlussstein
Briar x Buddy Litter (July 2010)
Dani Fine Photography in Easthampton, MA took the photo. Mille has been great and has been the perfect addition to our family.
 She has so much character! Thanks and hope all is well! Sarah & Rob

Hi Marie,
I just thought I'd send you an update on how Remington is doing. We just got back from our first trip to Maine and it was an amazing trip. Remi was sooo good on the ride up and back and while we were there he grew up so much and really made amazing strides with his training. The fourth day there he tried to point some ducks but that didn't go over very well but after that when we were walking around camp near the wood line he suddenly went on point on a woodcock! I was thrilled, only to have that topped by pointing and flushing a ruffed grouse the next day! It was quite the bonding experience for us. He is an amazing little guy and I cannot tell you have much we all love him. Well, I will stay in touch and until then I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Richard  M.
Remington (12 wks)

Hi Marie, Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a "Happy Holidays" and update you on our Zoey.(out of Hilde and Colton) She is now 5 months old and 30#. She is beautiful,f unny, loving, sometimes headstrong, intelligent, and an integral part of our family. It is hard to imagine life without her. She is great for our health as we walk her 3 miles every day come rain or shine. She has passed beginning training and now starting intermediate. The trainer always uses her as the class example because she learns so quickly and is so outgoing. Everywhere we go she draws compliments. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in her breeding and puppy socialization! Our perfect night is Zoey sleeping on the couch between Paul and I with the fireplace blazing. Oh, and she loves to watch TV especially the "Dog Whisperer". Honestly. We are getting her spayed next month but I am already cringing at the thought of her with any pain. Again thank you again for our great buddy!  We will send you a picture soon. She is a beautiful dog! Our vet says he has never seen such a beautiful GSP. She has a wonderful stance and is a natural pointer. We are not going to hunt her but are considering some field training along with the agility training because she seems such a natural. The agility and field group want the pups to have passed advanced behaviour class before running with the big guys. So we are working diligently with the obedience classes. Love, Denise and Paul

Hello Marie, This is Donna and Joe from Ma. We got Mr. Gold from you last Jan. and yes it was his birthday yesterday!! I wish I had kept in touch but life is busy. Buddy is not Buddy we decided on Benson for his name. He is doing great! The things he loves, the wood stove, the sun, riding in the truck, the bank the girls love him, going to the dump he loves his outdoor kennel, all people, all dogs, he loves his crate I tried to get him to sleep with us but no he wanted his crate. He wasn’t affectionate at first but now he is a love bug. He is addicted to ice! He is in great shape 50 lbs. He is a great walker people are impressed when I walk him down the waterfront (in Plymouth). He will eat anything which we try to avoid. Joe did take him bird hunting and he did excellent for his first year. Yesterday for the first time we took him to a beautiful beach and he ran and ran even went in the water. We couldn’t take him in the summer too many rules leash law things. He is a chewer he can’t have stuffed toys he can destroy a stuffed animal in a matter of minutes. We have no socks without holes! We did take him to a trainer that had trained our last pointer Ben but he wanted $1000.00 for 6 lessons and he uses collars that beep him I don’t like that. I think I am doing good on my own he knows right from wrong just tries to get away with things. He hates getting his nails cut!! I have a girl that he goes to at the vets who can get it done. He goes CRAZY when he hears the theme song to Two and a half Men!!! He has been neutered and they tried to get rid of that dew claw but it grows back. He lost a patch of hair on his nose last month I thought he burnt it on the wood stove the vet put him on meds and it cleared up. He is a great dog nothing bothers him we left him for a long weekend with my sister and he was fine. I could go on and on we love him he makes us happy and laugh every day.We will sent some pictures soon I don’t know how to do that Joe can so we will do that soon. How are his brothers and sisters I would like to hear about them. It was good to hear from you Oh Benson had a great birthday new chew toys a run on the beach and lots of love!!! Thanks Donna

Dear Marie - I love the picture you sent of Remi and Rich. Here's one (below) I took with my phone 2 days after we brought him home. This little puppy is just the end all and be all! I have dealt with many, many breeds of dogs, either in training, showing and in the kennel at work, but I have to tell you, Remington surpasses any puppy I have ever seen! He is so smart - he sits for everything! I mean, the day we brought him home, he'd sit in front of you, just looking up at you. When he has to potty, he sits and whines. This was the first day home! I have a little bell hanging on the kitchen door knob, that all my dogs were taught to ring when they want to go out. I've had it up there for 26 years. It usually took about 4 months before they'd ring it consistently to go out. Remi can't even reach it....3rd. day home, he jumps up and rings it and sits down and waits for someone to open the door. I am not kidding! I'm thinking, this is just a fluke....but he's still doing it over a week later. Oh, he's had some accidents....but each one was not because he didn't tell us in some way, it was because we weren't paying attention at that moment! The absolute cutest thing I have ever seen, and my males have never done it, nor my female Lab, Summer, who lives and breathes for me, is that he sucks your thumb and kneads his little paws. Rich holds him like a baby, and he'll suck his thumb and his eyes get sleepy and his paws knead Rich's shoulder, I took pictures of it, I'll send them to you. He'll do it with anyone who's holding him. If you put his baby blanket on your finger, he'll suck that, too. It's priceless to watch. He loves his crate. He carries his fuzzy toys, his blankie and his chew toy in, and lays in the middle of them. He's sleeping through the night...last night he cried at 3:30 and Rich put him out and he peed twice. He'll lie quietly in his crate when I come downstairs, I can get all ready for work, and he lays there watching. He does have, what I call, a tired meltdown, when he gets so tired, he'll start playing and nipping with those little razor teeth and the more you try and give him something else, or divert his attention, the more excited he gets. So, Rich says, "time out" and puts him in his crate for 30 seconds and takes him out and if he continues to act like a crazy dog, he gets time out again. Just outlast the dog. It works every time. Then, he'll settle down and it's time for bed. And what an appetite!! I didn't think any living creature could out eat a Lab, but this little guy sure gives it his best! It's so great for praising and training. We just use his kibble for training. Tonight, I cleaned out his ears, and the other day we introduced the dremel for trimming nails. Tonight, Rich held him and I trimmed his nails. Rich had him nibbling on a chew to distract him and it worked well. Oh, and also, he sits, he downs, he comes like a pro and he's really getting to know his name. I had my Summer in the beginner class at 4 months old, I think I may enter Remi in an obedience trial tomorrow! So, in summary, this is just too much fun, he is a joy, Rich is the best "father" I could ever imagine (he calls when he's at work and wants an update. I have to text him photos, too!) Summer is being a very good teacher and is very patient, and I think all Rich's hopes and plans for this little guy, will pan out just fine. Did Rich tell you the second day home he pointed the chickens! My mouth just dropped open! Rich said to me, that he is worth every minute of waiting for him. We are all so glad he did. You are an exceptional breeder and your dogs are just magnificent. I'll keep you updated. ~ Nancy
Remington vom Schlussstein is out of Briar X Kansas' Sept. 16, 2011 litter

Hi!~ Yes, Rich is cautious with Remi, concerning having him around other dogs. He's just been with Sabu and Bompie. who are Ray's dogs and of course, Summer, and they are all up to date with their shots and healthy. Rem goes for his 3rd. shot this Saturday. These 2 pups (Tresa & Remi) are certainly their daddy's (Kansas) dogs, aren't they?! Rich keeps saying Remi is just like his daddy. He's so affectionate and gentle...he's got the softest mouth, and his thumb-sucking just melts your heart! He has got to put that on You Tube! He's been working on the "whoa" too. I like the idea of doing it on a table......I used a table top to teach Summer to "drop" on the automatic "drop on recall" command. And he'll do anything for that little bit of kibble as a treat! This has certainly been a fun and exciting time for us. I said to Rich yesterday that there certainly is a God because if you just sit back and let Him make the decisions for you, it's always the right ones. He directed Gail to find your website, He gave Rich patience to wait for Remi....Briar had just the 2 males, she and Kansas make the BEST babies and everything worked out as it should have!  ~ Nancy

Hi Marie,

This is the latest picture of Sage. She is getting ready to pounce on something in the back yard. Just a normal day in her world. She had her last vet visit about a month ago and is 40 lbs. The vet thinks she needs to gain about 5lbs so we bumped up her food. She is active and really burns it off.

We went to the dog show in King of Prussia on Sunday. I have to compliment you as there were some nice GSPs, but none compared to the coloration and looks of your dogs.

She is a great dog and is very lovable. I will send some more pictures soon.


Nov. 2011
Nov. 2011
Attached to this e-mail is a picture of Trigger and myself. I purchased Trigger from Marie 2 1/2 years ago. He is Tracker's grandson. I know Tracker was one of Marie's favorite dogs and she was so happy that I named my pup Trigger because of the similarity in their names. I don't know if this picture does enough justice but Tracker and Trigger look so much alike its scary. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you so much. This is the first time I'm writing back to you guys and I'm sorry it took so long. I am so happy with Trigger he is the greatest dog I have ever owned. He truly is a phenomenal hunter and we have been enjoying this season so much. Thanks again Marie I love this dog!!!!

(Trigger is out of Keystone's Journey X Keystone's There's No Place Like Home (Kansas) 3/7/09)

Hi Marie
Sully is an amazing pup, so smart and what a little lover . We had him in the car as well over the weekend , he loves it didn’t get car sick either . First night was a little rough but to be expected he was in a new place. He has adjusted quickly. Sully and our pug became buddies instantly they play so well together. He sleeps in his crate (that was a little ruff at first ) but he now is learning to deal with it. Other than a few little piddles in the house he will go to the door and bark to let him out (he is very verbal lol.) I will keep you updated on his progress. Sully has definitely touched our lives we are all so in love with him. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy. Talk to you soon.
Kelli and Angelo

Let me tell you just how much we all love this little guy, he has surpassed all my expectations. He is the most loving and affectionate dog i have ever had,and continues to amaze. I have already started minor obedience training and he is like a sponge i cannot believe that he has already begun to sit and come on command and responds to his name. The first couple of nights were rough but now he has gotten used to his crate and is much better. Attached are some photos of him in our yard where he plays for hours with our lab: Summer, the two of them get along great. I thank you again for everything and will stay in touch with more photos of Remigton. Have a great day!

Marie, a very short email update. Rigby is a fantastic dog! No house messes, lets us know when it is potty time, etc
Did howl when in cage alone for 10 min but settled down thereafter. I view this completely to fantastic breeding. Congrats and thank you!! Kevin

Hi Marie,
I am sorry so much time has passed since our last update. This summer flew by! I think that Yaeger and I covered a thousand miles this summer walking in the fields and woods. We did a lot of walking just trying to expose him to as many wild birds as possible. The education he received this summer from exposure to wild birds paid off this weekend.
The New York State 2011 Pheasant season opened yesterday. Words cannot express how pleased I am with Yaeger! We took a nice rooster yesterday. It was not easy as the rooster was running. Yaeger did a marvelous job of tracking him and pinning the bird long enough for me to get within gun range. The rooster flushed and I was able to take him. Yaeger looked so proud carrying that bird!
Today his performance was even better. We watched a group of hunters work a field with their Labrador Retriever. After they left we decided to work the same field they had just been in. As we worked our way thru the field Yaeger suddenly locked up on a magnificent solid point. The pheasant moved, Yaeger crept forward and locked up again. I approached him from the side while giving him the whoa command, and a beautiful rooster exploded into the sky. The rooster plummeted to the earth and Yaeger performed a beautiful retrieve. I still cannot believe how wonderful this dog is! I am excited knowing he will only get better and better.
I have attached a photo of the bird we took today. We have more photos from yesterday that I will send at some point. Thanks again for the quality shorthairs you produce.
Sincerely,  Steve
Yaeger is out of Briar and Kansas Feb. 2011

Hi Marie,

I hope you and the dogs are doing well. Attached is a picture of Chloe listening to Rick Smith's seminar at Lion Country Supply last weekend. She just came home from the trainers where she spent some time being introduced to the gun. While I'm convinced she is ready to run her NAVHDA NA test, we will probably wait till spring since the local chapters are already booked (my fault for waiting). Chloe is doing a good job at holding point and is being shot over each week now. She found a wild grouse and allowed me to flush it last month while on a run in the mountains. I intend to enter her in JH tests in October. She looks very much like her momma Trinka in the picture of you holding her, and always has to be touching someone like her daddy Kansas. We constantly get complimented on her whether at a NAVHDA training day, The GSP club of Pittsburgh, or at the dog park. Rick Smith even commented on how pretty she is. If I can talk Ashley into going into the field, I'll send some action shots soon.

Thank You,

John & Ashley

Hi Marie.

Oona is doing very well and the vet is pleased with her progress. She has great energy, is very intelligent and is doing well with the start of her training. She seems to catch on quickly and is eager to please. She is happy to run for hours in the backyard.

We like her so much, we would like to inquire as to purchasing another pup from your current litter if any are available. We would prefer a female but would also consider a male. We would want a pup that is ticked and is on the darker side. This would be a contrast to the white/liver of Oona.

Please put us on the reservation list if you have anything from the current litter and let me know about the litter. If you think there is a good match I will send you a check immediately.

Thanks,   Patrick
Hi Marie,

 I had a visitor at the office yesterday. When Sonje was a newly brought home pup our community paper did a little article on who she was and how she came into our lives. Her picture and the article hangs in the office. A gentleman came in asking about her and we chatted for 20 minutes. He'd had a shorthair before but at present the family doesn't. He had been on your website and knew of you. I wish I could remember his name, but I did tell him how happy we were with our girl, how impressed we were with her parents and what an exceptional breeder/trainer you are. Who knows where it will lead--maybe he'll start thinking more about a puppy.

Talk to you soon.

PS:  I came home from work yesterday to find this precious, tender moment! She is an absolute sweetheart! Hope all is good--the leaves are starting to color up--fall is almost here!

 Kathie, Buddy
and Sonje vom Schlussstein

Hello Marie,

Charly just finished up 3 months of gun dog training at Mason Dixon Game Outfitters (MDGO) in Maryland. He understands what is expected of him in the field. He is collar conditioned, answers to commands, and is steady to kill. The trainer said Charly was very easy to work with and has a great nose. I can’t wait to get out and hunt with him this season! He is a pretty big boy, weighing in at around 70lbs, but he is very lean and in great shape. He loves the water as you can see from the video I posted below. The trainer said he would make a great waterfowl dog b/c he loves the water more than any other dog she has trained. He would swim in this pond before and after hitting the field for bird work.

Attached are a couple pictures I took while out walking with him this weekend and from his time at MDGO.

All around he is a great dog…around the house he is calm as can be, he is gentle with Megan’s niece who is 1 ½ and visits us frequently (she loves Charly too!); and when he hits the field he is driven to find birds and so much fun to watch.
One last thing…Can you recommend any places to hunt up your way? I plan on camping up at Otter Lake sometime in September/October and would like to take him out a couple days while I’m up there. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I hope all is well!!


Hi Marie,

Well as you know Bailey just turned 1! I thought I would send you an email with some pictures and also a video we took of her when we visited Maine in July...she swam for the first time and did great! Bailey is the happiest, most loving, friendliest dog you'd ever meet and loves loves loves people and kids! Everyone thinks she is still a young puppy because she has retained her small size...she's just a little over 35 pounds! She's such a cutie and not too big to snuggle in bed with us more often than she probably should! Haha! We are often asked what kind of dog she is and several people have even asked for your name and I always give them the website address so hopefully you've gotten some traffic from that! We are still working with her on her recall as she gets a bit independent when she's off leash but she's still learning. We really love her so much and want to thank you again for letting us adopt her! Hope you and your dogs are doing well and you are surviving the hot summer!

Michelle & Brett

Hi Marie!
I wanted to send some pictures of Scout and Ranger with their new brother Ryan. Brandon and I have spent alot of time preparing them for a baby. We were really nervous about how they would respond but so far they are doing great. We're now trying to get them used to Ryan being on the floor and not running over him! I hope all is well!   Kristen

(update: 9/3/11)
I just can't get over how good Ranger and Scout are with the new baby! They have done so well! And Ryan loves the puppies! I attached some pictures of what 'belly time' typically looks like at our house, Scout and Ranger just love to be with Ryan, and Ryan will lay there and smile and coo at them. We just have to make sure that when they try to give Ryan a toy, they don't drop it on his head! What great pups! If we had a bigger couch I think we could add more pups... but as it is, I don't think we can fit more than two dogs, two adults, and a baby, lol!

Hi Marie,

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are enjoying your summer. I apologize for the delay in sending these pics to you but I had somehow misplaced the USB cable for my camera. As you can see, Beretta has grown up to be quite the beautiful little lady! Please give your doggies a kiss from us and enjoy the pictures!

All the best,




Hope all is well. Beenie is the greatest.
We are getting Beenie into agility training.

Mike & Pat

(Beenie is a litter mate to Briar whelped on 9/17/06)
                   Below is Beenie as a puppy!

Hi Marie,

Attached is a recent picture of Brownie. She received her last shot so now she is able to play in the dog run and burn off all that energy. We have enrolled her in a nearby obedience class and are making lots of progress with the puppy biting. Your phone should be ringing off the hook with all the people inquiring about where we got her. She is so friendly to everyone, we are having lots of fun with her. In her last check up a week ago she weighed 15 pounds.

Best regards,

Steven and Maisie

Brownie vom Schlussstein
Briar & Kansas' litter

Hi Marie,

Here are some pictures of little Madison. She is too cute!

I promise to keep in touch!

Madison vom Schlussstein
Briar and Kansas' litter.

Hello Marie!
Yaeger was at the vet earlier this week for another round of shots. He weighed in at 22 lbs already! Our vet said he is very bold and confident for a shorthair. She said that usually the GSP’s that she sees are introverted so it is a nice change to see one that is outgoing.
Yaeger is really quite a clown, and not a day goes by that he does not do something to make us laugh! His nose is amazing also. I have a canvas bumper that we attach pheasant wings to and hide in the tall grass on the border of our yard. It is almost like his nose is being pulled by a string to the hidden bumper, he finds it every time! I have learned to have the check cord on him.
This weekend I am going to build a whoa table so we can begin some short table training sessions. We will try to grab some good pictures of the puppy this weekend and email them to you.
Yaeger vom Schlussstein is out of Briar & Kansas. Photo to follow...

Hi Marie,
I'm finally sending some pictures of Heidi. I can't believe she will be 3 in August! We have never trained Heidi for hunting purposes but we are continually amazed at the things she does by instinct. We are so lucky to have woods in our backyard and every morning, rain or shine, Heidi is able to run and "hunt" and do what comes so naturally to her. It is great fun to watch her. She has become the most amazing family dog anyone could ever ask for. I walk her every late afternoon any where from 2-5 miles. In summer she swims in the lake or river, which she really loves to do. We have met a lot of people along our walks who stop and comment on Heidi or ask about her and where we got her. 2 families have bought dogs from you over the last couple of years. One, Jewel, lives down the street. She and Heidi share the same father, Kansas. Another dog in the area has the same parents as Heidi, Kansas and Gypsy. Both people got their dogs after we recommended you to them. They are very happy with their dogs. Enjoy the pictures! My kids complain I take more pictures of her than them! Take care.


Hi Marie,

I can't believe it's been a year since we picked Penny up. She is doing great and we love her so much. I attached a current photo of her. I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!

Christina & Jim

Hi Marie. I'm getting and feeling better every day, thank you for asking. I'm actually able to now walk without the aid of a cane!! Yesterday, we took a drive to Georgia to visit the kennel at Sharp Retrievers. We were very impressed with the facility and the training staff (headed by Graham Sharp). They are very easy going and do not push the dogs to do anything that the dog does want to do. After our 7 hour drive, Zeus as you might expect was a little sluggish after getting out of our car. But as soon as Graham tossed a pigeon (wings clipped) Zeus came to life and started exhibiting hunting traits that we have not seen in him. It's as though his brain realized that this is what he was bred for. He was very impressive and fun to watch. Graham was also very impressed with his ability and his "look". He looked at your web site and had nothing but accolades for your line of dogs. We decided to leave Zeus with him so he could start his training. If he responds well, he will be there for several months. Upon completion, he should be ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. He will also be well on his way to being trained upland and waterfowl dog. We are planning a visit to see him in the first week of June. I will update you on his progress. Oh, I don't know if you saw his video, but he has become quite the swimmer. We can't keep him out of the pool. When I do my physical therapy (walking in the pool) he's right by my side swimming. Even when I'm not in the pool he'll jump in on his own and swim laps for an hour by himself. He's an amazing dog and we are so happy with him. Thank you for being a good breeder. :)
Andy, FL  (Zeus is 5 months old)

Hi Marie,

I just wanted to send along a note to you to let you know how we are doing with Carlos (Mr. Green from Kansas and Briar 2011). He is a great little dog and he's getting very used to all the sights and sounds. He has been great and my wife and I attribute him to getting us out for a nightly walk together, something we have talked about doing for ages and just have never found the time for.

He is seemingly fully housebroken at this point and will even wait for a long time at the door before he starts to make a slight fuss. We had a trainer in to work with us and she gave us some great tips. His puppy biting is all but gone and he is getting reasonably good on a leash, as long as no squirrels are in sight. I have to say I find it absolutely amazing how fast he picks things up and stick to rules. I can only imagine his litter mates are doing the same.

Helen and Jane are getting to know him really well. Helen has always been a natural around dogs so she just jumped right in. Jane (5) had a bit of a tougher time. My wife and I and had to laugh at Jane eating her breakfast sitting on the kitchen counter for the first few weeks, but she is now right in the mix with him and we are all having fun together.

He has been just super and we are constantly amazed at how smart he is. Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know your little guy is doing great and we are all happy together.


Hello Marie,
Sorry for the delay in response. I have been experiencing computer issues. Yaeger is doing great, he is the best puppy we have ever had! He is a very quick learner. His housebreaking, crate training, leash training etc… are all coming along very nicely.
He went to see our vet last week for an exam, and everything checked out fine. He is scheduled to go next week for some follow up shots. We have already discussed the Lyme vaccine, and are definitely planning on it.
Thanks again for checking in. We will forward some pictures soon.
Steve and Emily

Hello Marie,

Sorry it took so long for my reply, thank you for the suggestion but we are going with the name Karli. (meaning motherly, and loving) in German. On another note, Karli is doing wonderful Stephanie and I couldn't be happier. She has certainly adjusted to her new home wonderfully. The house breaking is going well, only one accident today and one yesterday. She loves to climb and "army crawl" under anything she can fit under! Its really funny.  Here is a photo of Karli "army crawling" under my coffee table. She must have done it a dozen times! It was so fun!

Mark, Stephanie and Karli

     Thanks again for producing such wonderful pups! Yaeger has fit right in beautifully. He is extremely intelligent and is already responding to Come.
     We take him out for potty breaks every fifteen minutes, and he is already getting the hang of it.
Last night he did great. He woke up at three and needed a potty break, and again about five (his crate is in our bedroom). He has already found his way into our hearts, and we are extremely happy he is part of our family!
     I attended NAVHDA training today. Everyone is very kind and willing to help out with tips, advice, etc. (my head is spinning right now!). They all reassured me that is normal, and they will help Yaeger and I with the training. I am looking forward to training with them.
     Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Steve, Emily and Family

Hi Marie,
I hope you are doing well! I can't believe almost a whole year has passed! I remember frantically anticipating your next email this time last year awaiting word to see how many pups Dallas would have. Porter is great. He enjoyed winter as much as last summer. He really gets a big kick out of eating the snow - like the world is his own personal snow cone.
Just a funny update....Porter took place in my neighbor's son's 2nd grade science project which was an intelligence test for dogs. Each dog contestant was put through a series of timed tests to see how long it would take each dog to perform the required task (examples: put a towel over the dog and see how long it would take them to get it off, put a treat under a tin can and see how long it takes the dog to get it, reach inside a covered area to get to a treat, and find owner when called from another place). His competitors were a German Shepherd, a King Charles Cavalier, a Wheaton Terrier, an American Bulldog and a few other participants. Porter came in first place! What a proud dog mom I am!
Porter loves the boys. He knows and looks forward to picking up my oldest son from the bus after school. He gets very excited frantically wags his tail and barks. If I take him to preschool to pick up my youngest son, well, he just about vibrates from excitement when we pull into the school's driveway.
I hope things are going wonderfully on your end and your family is all well.
Thanks for helping Porter into the world - he truly is a wonderful gift and friend.

My best to you,
Lisa K.

Porter: whelped April 1, 2010 (Dallas X Kansas litter)
Hi Marie, Great to hear from you! Daisy (photos below) is amazing - what a great girl! She is the most loveable dog we have ever owned - can't get and give enough affection.
(Good to hear from you Dermot.  Daisy looks just like her Momma Dallas!  Very pretty girl!)
(Daisy is out of Dallas and Kansas. Page down for puppy photo of Daisy when she was 4 monrhs old)
Trina will turn one year old in April 2011 and is out of Dallas and Kansas.


Thanks for touching base. Trina and I are having a blast and she has been doing great. She was doing so well in training I took her to Maine in early October (2010) for grouse and woodcock, which she loved. She continued to do so well during our upland bird seasons that I decided to take her to our annual trip to Iowa for wild pheasants. I was reluctant to introduce such a young dog to wild birds but she never skipped a beat and improved with every contact.

Thank you for breeding such quality family and hunting dogs. I am so pleased to have found you. Attached are a few photos.

Thanks again,

Hi Marie,

I can't tell you how much we are enjoying Porter. He really is one of the boys...and he has quite the personality! Porter has gone through puppy kindergarten (at Pet Smart), Beginner and Adv Beginner training at Top Dog. I look forward to putting him in Agility classes this year. I just joined the EGSP club and look forward to finding even more things to do with him. He LOVES the dog park and has made himself a few friends there too.

Lisa K.

So good to hear from you! We are all doing well. I have attached some pictures (below) of Ronnie from the past year.
The pictures include Ronnie graduating from obedience school (she won best in class for the “go to place” command).
She has grown into a beautiful, loving, athletic, intelligent and FUNNY dog. She is our best friend in every way – I work from home and she has really become so attached to me (as I have to her!). We take her every other day to local fields to play. I have never seen a dog with such athleticism and beauty when she runs. Her tireless energy keeps us in shape and never ceases to make you forget a bad day at work. She is 50 pounds now and will be two in March. I can't walk her around the neighborhood without getting compliments on her. She is fantastic with other dogs and is quite the socialite. She adores children and is so good natured no matter what they do to her! There isn't one thing I can think of that she doesn't bring 100% enthusiasm to.
Her instincts are so keen – it’s a shame Adam hasn't gone hunting with her because of his work schedule – but she is right on point for a bird, squirrel, deer, or anything else she encounters in our yard, on hikes, or in fields. She is a phenomenal guard dog in the home. Any noise or disturbance and she is right to attention to protect her mom and dad.
When it is time to settle down at night, she takes her favorite bone or chew toy and has to be laying across Adam or I while we watch TV. I cannot imagine my life without her – I would give my life for her to protect her from anything. She is an angel.
I have some hilarious video clips of her too. I haven't been able to make them small enough to send in an email – I will send you a link if I can get them up on the web.
We both want to get another GSP – probably in 2012, but we are concerned that we have given Ronnie so much attention, she would feel jealous – I would hate to undo the great relationship we have. At the same time, she just loves other dogs so much, a companion would seem like a great idea.
I hope that your grandson Adam has been doing well and is conquering all the hurdles that have come with being such a premature infant.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year,
Hi Marie,
Sorry we have not been in touch but things have been a little hectic since moving to Connecticut. Jacoby (above), out of Kansas & Dallas 2009, has proven himself to be a great hunting companion. At just 14 months old he continues to amaze us and anyone we hunt with, including our German Shorthair Pointer Club. We did a hunt on a preserve with our club and he pointed 8 of the 10 birds planted for us. Lets just say he didn't make several of the five year old dogs in our group look too good!!
He is holding his points very well and covers an amazing amount of ground, all while staying very close to us and obeying his commands. He seems to know that as soon as that cow bell goes on its time to hunt! We have been able to take pheasants on public land both in New York and Connecticut almost every time we have been out. Every time we go out we receive nothing but praise for his obedience, hunting ability and most importantly his friendliness towards every dog and person he meets. I have attached a few photos of some public land birds we took a few weeks back. We are truly proud of our pup.
We hope all is well and hope to see you soon! Happy Thanksgiving!
Joe and Maggie

Above is Digby at 4 months old. First time working him on the retrieve. Looking good!
(Digby is out of Briar X Buddy; July 2010)
Digby (above) taking a break!

Hi Marie,
I'm so sorry for not writing to you more frequently, but veterinary school has me rather busy, as does Lucy! Now that she's a year an a half old, I just wanted to update you. Lucy is doing great and has grown to a trim 52lbs. She is a beautiful dog and we get compliments on her all the time. She's been awesome with all of our friends and their dogs and has a great time at day care on the days when I'm stuck in class for 8+ hours. I almost feel guilty that I haven't had a chance to do the gun training with her, as her hunting instincts are remarkable. In fact, the folks at the day care center often tell me that if she stopped coming, they'd have a major bird problem- apparently she spends a good deal of her time there going after anything that flies. As I write, she's snuggled up next to me asleep after a nice long run we took this morning. She's been the perfect blend of energy, athleticism, and affection that we wanted. Every time I come home to her wagging tail, well really her whole wiggling hind end, it makes me smile and playing with her is the perfect way to decompress from a long day. I hope all is well with you and your dogs- thank you for such a wonderful part of our family.

Best wishes,
(Nov. 2010)

Hi Marie,

Just a  brief update on Benny (Mr. Orange) from Briar and Buddy's July 2010 litter. We are so happy with this puppy! Benny is GREAT. He has been a CHAMP on all aspects of his training. To mention a few things; crate training has been great, sleeps thru the night, housebreaking great just a few pee accidents, the no-bite command works instantly and gets along with the cats very well. I just started some walking on the leash and he has done great too! I have been feeding him as you recommended and now he just sits and waits as soon as he sees the feeding bowl. My wife and I are amazed how great he has been, we are having way too much fun with Benny! Thank you for a great puppy!

Sergio and Maria

Charly is out of Dallas and Kansas. Here he is only 4 months old.
(Below is a photo of Charly's sister; Daisy)
Hello Marie,

I wanted to stop by and say hi and give you an update on Charly. He's doing great and we love him! He is very friendly with everyone and any dog that he meets. He loves to swim and has been retrieving bumpers in streams and lakes by our house, our families pools, and in the bay at Cape May. If we are not taking him swimming somewhere its usually to the dog park where he runs around with several other dogs for an hour or so. We want to get him gun dog trained, possibly by you, but haven't had time this summer. We are hoping to get started in September/October when things slow down for us a little bit.
The biggest behavior right now that we are trying to correct is him jumping up. We have been persistent in correcting the behavior but if there are any tips you could give me, that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for everything and we look forward to hearing from you.

Reggie and Megan

Breeder's Comment:  Yes!  I have suggestions on how to stop a  puppy from jumping!  It's a common puppy habit but something that should not be allowed.  I will email you some suggestions.  You may also come over and we'll go over some training techniques! Good to hear from you and thanks for the photo!

Hi Marie,

Daisy is doing great - what a wonderful dog she is! An amazing temperament - loves everyone. She definitely benefits from lots of exercise so she goes on lot of walks with me and loves it. I am attaching a recent picture. Hope you are well!

Dermot, Karen and Lena

(Daisy is out of Dallas and Kansas)
This is Gunnar at our cabin, almost 2 years old. What a beautiful dog, inside and out. ~ David (8/3/10)
Gunnar is out of Gypsy and Kansas. Gunnar will be 2 years old on Aug. 30
He's a brother to Beretta; pictured below (page down).

Hello Marie.

You certainly may put the picture on your website. Macy is doing really well. She's completely house trained now, which I couldn't be happier about! She loves to be outside all day, but somehow she knows exactly when nap times rolls around and she wants to cuddle up with my daughter Emery. They are such good friends already. Her favorite spot to hide and stash things like socks and chew toys is under the bed. She's so funny. She's also very protective of my daughter. When Emery gets upset or hurt and cries, then Macy is right at her side. It's very cute.

 Well, Take care! -Hayley

Hi Marie,
I just wanted to show you some pictures of Penny's first trip to the beach. She was a little scared at first, but then slowly started to jump in. She really had a great time! Hope you are doing well and are ready for the next litter.
Christina & Jim

Hi Marie. Six years ago we adopted our dog Buck from you. He is still the absolute best dog ever. We also had a terrier, who has died, so we are thinking about another shorthair. What is your expected puppy schedule?
Thanks, Judi

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Hello and give you a quick update on Beretta (Gypsy/Kansas Aug 2008)...We just can't believe she is going to be 2 in August! Where did the time go? She is doing wonderfully and is such a great addition to our active household! She absolutely adores kids and is always on the go....I have never seen a dog with so much endurance!!

This past weekend, we took her over to our Sporting Clays club so that she could get accustomed to the repetitive sound of shotgun blasts and the sight of the clays flying out from every angle at every station....she did beautifully! She was so attentive to the clays and the gunshots didn't bother her at all. She never even flinched once! She even rode to various stations in the golf cart and sat on the seat so proudly, wind flapping her ears-she knew why she was there! :) Hopefully in the near future, we can get some formal hunting training for her...maybe by the fall....but I think she will be a real natural, like her momma! Attached are 2 pics I took yesterday....she's a beauty! ;)

Give hugs to all your pups from us and maybe we can swing by sometime over the summer so you can see Beretta again!

Take care,
Keystone Gun Dogs.....thought you might want to see some pictures of Trooper that were taken by my friend who is a photographer. We were trying to get a good shot of him to turn into a portrait for my husband's 50th birthday. I had one done of our first shorthair for his 40th and was trying to match it! As you can see, he is a beautiful animal and has turned out to be a great hunting dog, watch dog, companion and play mate for the kids. He's still very active but is starting to calm down a bit as he approaches 3. Another year or two and he'll be perfect!  I hope you enjoy getting pictures of your "babies".
Take care,
(Below: Trooper is out of Elke & Spike 2007)
Hi Marie,

Those puppies are so cute! Hopefully we will be able to get a playmate for Jacoby a few years down the road. I attached a picture of him on his favorite spot, the couch. He always gives us this pose whenever Maggie sings to him. I will send more pictures after the weekend, we plan on going hiking and bringing him along for the trip for a little training. He will be graduating puppy class this weekend with Honors! He was labeled the smartest dog in the class and was often used as the example for many of the trainers lessons. Hope all is well.

Joe & Maggie

We get so excited when we see that you have sent us emails and especially when there are pictures attached! The puppies are getting bigger and bigger and oh my goodness they are so absolutely adorable!!! I just wanted to say how fortunate we feel to have found you and although we have yet to meet you in person we are so thankful that you have come into our lives and are grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much for the weekly updates and pictures. We are very excited and can't wait to meet our new little boy.
Enjoy your weekend!

My husband and I had gotten Ranger from you  in 2007 and are now looking to get another pup for him to play with. We absolutely love Ranger and his endless energy. He is such a well behaved pup that we can take him anywhere with us. We have been wanting to get another pup, but until now, we weren't ready to go through training again. Now we are ready and we would like to get another pup from you. I saw on your website that you are expecting a litter at the end of May which would be perfect timing for us. We were very happy that you exposed Ranger to gun fire and to bird wings at an early age. It is very important to us that the next pup also be exposed to these things.
Ranger is without a doubt the best behaved dog we have every had and the fastest learner. He was very quick to learn commands and different activities like roller blading, biking, and kayaking. He listens so well, we take him to many parks and rivers,
and trails that don't require leashes. He can run freely through the fields behind our home and we never need to worry. While he hates when we go across the street to the neighbors yard, he never follows us unless we let him, he just sits in the yard and waits until we come back. Everywhere we take him, people comment on how well behaved he is.

We love his incessant wagging of his whole butt, not just his tail, and how eager he is to please. He loves to play hide and seek with
Brandon. Brandon throws a ball and then runs off and hides, Ranger goes nuts trying to find him, and when he does..... watch out!!! He is all over Brandon, and so excited that he found him! He also loves to ride bike with me, or go to the lake and kayak with me, he even sits on top of my kayak. We used to go roller blading when he was a pup, now he is too fast for me, and I haven't yet trained him to pull with a harness (maybe in the summer). Ranger loves to play in the field, going after golf balls that Brandon hits, chasing the training dummies we shoot, or just chasing a ball, Frisbee or looking for birds.

As well behaved as Ranger typically is, he is incredibly obedient and attentive as soon as a shotgun comes out. Typically Ranger is overly excitable when we go to pet stores or hunting stores that allow us to bring him in. But when the shotgun comes out, he is 150% focused on us and waiting for the next command. One time, my husband forgot to tell Ranger he could get into the truck. Ranger just sat there and sat there and stared waiting for the command.

Some days, Ranger even gets to go to work with Brandon. He loves to greet people as they come into the shop, but we have to keep a close eye on him, as he will bombard the customers. When he comes home he is exhausted. On days that Ranger is home alone, my father will come get him and bring him to his house to play with his pup. Ranger LOVES his Pappy!

I can't believe how well Ranger can learn to do so many different things. When he is with my husband it is all about the hunt. But he
knows when we are biking, that he is to simply run beside me. He doesn't hunt, he doesn't stray and as long as I see the squirrel run
across our path first, and tell him to leave it, Ranger doesn't even budge!

Thanks for such a great dog!
Kristen and Brandon

Below is a link to a you tube video that we just recorded
today in the midst of our blizzard.

We got about 40 inches of snow last weekend. Thought we'd train some in the back yard since the conditions were about the same as they were in Kansas. Dixie loves the snow!
Jim (Virginia)
(Way to go Jim.  Awesome opportunity to train in the snow for retrieving with the decoy!  Nice job!)

We just wanted to let you know how much we adore our "Kenzie" ! It's hard to believe she will be a year old in a month. I still have her on puppy food but will slowly wean her over to an adult food soon.

We tried to send you some pictures but our computer gave us problems and we are not good with technical things so, SORRY ! But let me tell you she is absolutely beautiful and so darn smart. We love her to pieces!

Good luck with the upcoming litters!

Mary Beth & Scott

(Photo to right was going home day for Kenzie taken by Marie. Kenzie is out of Journey and Kansas).
Smokey's doing great.  He's the best dog ever!  
Vince, NJ

Please accept my sincere apology for not keeping in contact. Gunnar is the best thing that has happened to our family, he is friendly, lovable, and a great hunter. He is 62lbs of muscle and absolutely gorgeous. Whenever we walk him at the park a lot of people will compliment us on how he looks. We never had a single problem with him. I will send a picture soon, and please forgive me for not staying in touch.
Please check back for updated photo of Gunnar. Below is photo of Gunnar as a pup!
Gunnar is out of Gypsy and Kansas.
Keystone Gun Dogs,

Jeremy and I wanted to update you on Parker's progress. We had him to the vet yesterday for his last set of puppy vaccines. He did great! He is now up-to-date and weighing in at 34 pounds!! Getting bigger and taller by the minute.

Parker will be graduating from puppy school this Tuesday. He is doing amazingly well with his commands!! I will be sure to send a picture of him in his cap. We recently bought him a pheasant dummy and retrieving it came natural to him.

We really couldn't have asked for a better dog! It is amazing how much I love this little guy (not so little anymore). I can't wait to see the photos of your upcoming litters! I am sure they will be just as adorable as Parker and his littermates.

Here are some updated photos of Parker (Mr. Tan). He is really progressing well!  We can't wait to hunt over him!!  See you in the springtime!

Take care,
Jeremy, Kristin and Parker

We would be happy to have you add our names to your reference list. Heidi is doing great. She is without a doubt the best dog that ever lived! I will send a picture soon. Also, thanks so much for sending the New Years photo card. I show everyone her mom and dad. It's a great picture! All the best to you and yours.
Below is a photo of Heidi as a puppy. She is a litter mate to Gunnar. Heidi is out of Gypsy and Kansas.
Thank you for the Christmas wishes.  It reminded me that I have been meaning to share this photo of Tucker with you. He is beautiful and has become so much a part of not only our life's but also friends and family.
Here's the photo of Hogan I promised I'd share. He is a beautiful dog - both in looks and temperament. The kids love him to pieces and Hogan is always ready to join in playing games with them. We really enjoy having him as part of our family and look towards many years to come.
Photo above is Hogan today.

Photo to the left is Hogan as a pup!

Hogan is out of Dallas and Kansas.
Jacoby (Mr. Green) is doing very well and we are loving every minute with him. We are amazed by his intelligence (he knows sit, lay down, and gimme paw) and he is truly a loyal puppy already as he is always by our side and loves cuddling with us on the couch. We brought him to the vet yesterday for his second checkup and he was given his vaccine as well as started on deworming again. He actually doubled his weight in three weeks, we cant believe how big he is getting already. He has a great temperament and loves to interact with people as well as other dogs. We are still working on him with chasing the cat, but she always gets away which seems to frustrate him more than anything. He is also doing well with retrieving and has responded very well to crate training. He is now staying in the crate all night without any noise and no accidents. He is truly a pleasure and we are so happy we chose this litter.
We have attached some pictures of him from last week. I will take some more over the holiday. We wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope all is well.
Joe and Maggie
Jacoby (Mr. Green) above at 10 weeks old.

So nice to hear from you!  We hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your beautiful new grandson! Everyone here is doing fine. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get around to sending some pictures-with the start of the school year and now the holidays rapidly approaching, it's been a little crazy around here! :)
Beretta is doing wonderfully! She is such a smart, sweet tempered love bug and comedian who also has a great scent drive and pointing instinct. We are so pleased with her and she and our lab are best friends! We can't wait until you can see her again. Sometimes she is a little shy with adult strangers but she warms up fairly quickly. She loves kids and can't get enough of them. She absolutely loves being outdoors and running, running, running! She still is a little unsure about water but by the end of the summer she was doing MUCH better and she was swimming! She loves the baby pool, though, and will venture a bit in a river or lake. Probably by next summer she will dive right in! I'm attaching a few pics I took recently. I hope you enjoy them. I also took a little "pointing ability" video on my camera for fun that I will try to send you but I was having problems with sending it for some reason. You'll have to let me know if you get these.

We always enjoy looking at your website to keep updated on your pictures so thank you for posting!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Our best, Jen

Parker (Mr. Tan) above at 5 weeks old.

Parker is doing very well in his new home. Training is coming along great!  At 9 weeks old he knows sit, stay, & down. We are  working on whoa.. He is still doing well with the pheasant wing. We had him in the woods last weekend to see how he would do with gun shots. He didn't move a muscle! He did excellent!!  We will continue to keep you updated on his progress.

Kristin and Jeremy

"A Picture is Worth 1000 Words"

This is a picture of Jezebel and me at a moment of happiness and joy. My apologies for not keeping in better touch. I love all of you in my way.

My best wishes always!


I want to thank you for such an amazing puppy I got for myself this November!  I definitely do not regret waiting for him since May!  The minute I got him into my arms he made his way to my heart! Never mind sleepless nights and “little” accidents.  He is the best present I ever got in my 34 years of life!  He is so smart and wonderful around people. Everyone just adores him.  For me - he is my baby now and growing to be the best friend and companion.  Costa (Mr. Orange) grew much bigger since the Halloween night.  He is doing great in every step.  We start “Puppy School”  this coming Sunday so we both will learn “do's” and “don'ts.” Costa goes with us everywhere.  He is great in the car.  He also works with me in the office daily where we manage to find time to play and run outside every 15 minutes.  I have my hands full of other pleasant chores along with my kid's active schedules.  Costa became a new member of our family!  Thank you so very much for my new friend and much more that he brought into my life.  We will keep you posted and new pictures will be uploaded.  Respectfully,  Valeria and family
I am sending a couple of pictures of Dakota and her first weekend of pheasant hunting. The pics were taken on Friday Nov. 6th and Saturday Nov. 7th. (keep in mind that she was 8 months old on the 7th of November) She pointed her first bird that I was able to shoot and I successfully harvested the bird on the one shot (forget about gun shy!!). Now the amazing part, after the shot I gave the fetch command and she picked up the bird and brought it right back to me!!!! I was shocked but I did put in the time teaching her fetch in the back yard with pheasant wings. We continued our hunt and I was successful with another bird but this one went down in HEAVY briars where she could not get to it. But she knew where it was and helped me locate it and I spent 15 minutes knocking down branch-after-branch to get the bird. We went back out on Saturday morning and we successfully harvested two birds by 7:45 AM!!  She has an unbelievable desire to hunt and nothing stops her when she picks up the scent of a bird. Not a bad problem to have, I guess.
Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to future training and I have lots of pheasant wings for you. We are so proud of our dog and with our breeder’s ability to produce such a top quality of hunting dogs. We are truly happy we had the chance to have one of your dogs. By the way she is also a great watch dog and I swear she sleeps with one eye and one ear open.
Look forward to talking with you and sharing the rest of our hunting story. Please keep in touch.
Mark and Monika

We are enjoying Jacoby (Mr. Green) so much! He is truly such an amazing puppy! Last night went pretty well, he slept pretty much through the night. We took him to the vet today for a check-up and he said everything looks good. He is due back in 3 weeks for the next round of booster shots and his deworming checkup. He is such a smart puppy and is taking well to all the commands we are trying to teach him. We are so happy to have him. We are working on his biting and the nylabone bones seem to keep him pretty occupied. We do have one question, he seems to eat extremely fast, is this common? We have continued with your feeding schedule with 3 times a day and only a 1/3 cup. We took some pics today and will upload them and email them to you this week. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy, we are both in love with him.          Joe and Maggie
Breeders Note:  It is extremely common for pups to eat fast.  There is a fairly new product on the market called the Eat Slow Dog Bowl.  Or you can have the pup 'whoa' to his/her food dish and stay on whoa for a few seconds. Then tap him on the head and tell him 'go'.  If he begins again eating too fast remove the dish and repeat the 'whoa' process again until he learns to slow down. Continue until your pup 'holds whoa' for up to a minute or longer when older.  Please keep me posted on your progress.

Alex, Thanks for the photos and the update on Lucy.  Good luck in vet school this coming year!  My best, Marie
I just wanted to let you know that I sent in Lucy's AKC forms earlier this week. I apologize for not getting to that sooner. Her official name is "Keystone's Lucky Breeze." I tried to find something that worked with both Lucy/Deluxe and the Westwind part of Kansas' name. Things continue to be great with her and she's getting settled back in Massachusetts. I have found a great kennel that does day care right near my veterinary school so she'll get to ride to class with me a few days a week. Did you get the set of pictures I sent you earlier? I really love the one of her running through the water. Let me know what you think!

Keystone Gun Dogs,
I just wanted to update you on Vindens progress. He is doing very good with the retrieve and extremely well with the whoa command. The sit command is still a work in progress however he has come a long way. He seems to be naturally pointing on occasion when he sees a feather and has been running a serpentine pattern when searching without any direction from me. As far as I am concerned, I have limited myself to giving a command once instead of repeating, as well as only saying the command when I know he is not to distracted to obey. The only command that I may repeat from time to time is when I whoa him and slowly begin to walk up to or around him just for reassurance of the command. I was very happy and impressed with our last session. Your knowledge and professionalism with Vinden truly blew me away. At your convince, I wondering if you would like to get together again soon for another session and possibly introduce him to a live bird. Thank you again for all of your help and I can't wait to get together again soon.
Thanks, Joshua

(Photos were taken on October 4, 2009 when Vinden was only 17 weeks old.)
Heidi (above), owned by Corinne and Tom.  Lesson on October 4, 2009.
The photo above was submitted by Joe, owner of Muncy, a pup out of Dallas and Kansas.

This is Jezzie, a pup out of Gypsy and Kansas.  Jezzie and her owner paid a visit in August 2009.  Thank you Janet for doing such a great job in Jezzie's training.  She was a very well-behaved little girl.  It was also nice to see you and Gordon again.  Please keep in touch. My best, Marie

I just wanted to give you another quick update on Lucy. We're still in Colorado for another week and she's been great here. I've had so many people complement me on how attractive she is and how well mannered she is- I think it's quite a testament to your dogs. I've taken her to a few days of doggie day-care and she seems to really enjoy that- runs right in and plays and plays with whoever is willing. She's also been on quite a few hikes, learned how to swim, and we've been able to do a fair amount of training work off the leash. She and my girlfriend's Bernese Mountain Dog have gotten along really well and she seems to enjoy having a lot of people around. In all, things are really great and it has been neat to see her personality develop as she gets a little older. She's up over 30 pounds now, but still very much a lap dog. The only negative I can think of is that she snores like a truck. It's amazing (and quite cute) how such a little dog can produce such a loud snore. I actually had to move her kennel to just outside my bedroom door because otherwise she'd keep me up all night. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to mind those sleeping arrangements and is getting much more comfortable with being alone for stretches of time. Anyway's, that's the update from here, I hope your summer is going well so far!
Best wishes,  Alex

Lucy with her friend Tabor, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

(Nice photo Alex!  Thanks! ~ Marie)

Dear Keystone Gun Dogs,

It was a pleasure to speak with you last night, thank you for the training tips. We are working hard to train him and I believe we will. Gunnison is a very fast learner as long as we are diligent as with any GSP.

I just wanted to send you a few pics from the end of July of Gunnison at his new home in western Mass.  He loves living up in the country.

I will continue to keep in touch. The new web site looks great!


Time has flown by and Hogan is getting bigger every day. He really is a beautiful dog and we are very happy to have him as part of our family. He LOVES being outside and we now have an invisible fence so he is free to run around all day.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Tucker, as usual, was up for spending time outdoors this past weekend. Here are just a few of the pictures I took. He lets me put on the life vest, no problem, because he knows that I'll let him swim once he has it on.

Take care, give my best to all your GSP family!


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.

This is Brita from a litter raised in 1997.  Brita is owned by Jeff and Bobbi in Milford, PA.

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