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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Quote by:  Roger Caras
photo courtesy of Dane Smith
January 17, 2014

About Our Pups
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Keystone Gun Dogs and is totally devoted to breeding exceptional Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers - a breed enjoyed for its diversified hunting abilities afield and family-friendly playfulness indoors. We breed on average 2 or 3 litters a year and we sell pups to approved homes only.  We only ship pups to those that are current NAVHDA members and that will be training and testing with their local  NAVHDA Chapter.
All litters are AKC and NAVHDA registered and are sold with a limited registration.  Our pups sell for $1,500.  Once we receive your completed puppy owner application and you are approved to own one of our pups, we then ask for a $250. deposit to be placed on our Reservation List and a 2nd $250. deposit when the pups are born. The price of the pup helps to cover the cost of the excellent care Keystone Gun Dogs takes in the breeding, vet care, weaning and training process. Our work begins well before the pups are born. Both parents receive pre-breeding health checks, receiving regular veterinary care, current vaccinations and testing and treatment for any parasites. Ongoing veterinary care, regular exercise and good nutrition ensure continued health of the parents and subsequently the puppies.
Since litters are generally sold out before the pups are whelped we will accept your deposit to place your name on our reservation list.  We are not a glorified puppy mill and do not have an endless supply of puppies. Our pups are home raised and most litters are sold out ahead of time.  Litters are carefully planned with emphasis given to health and the well being of our dogs and puppies.  All of our dogs are OFA health screened at the appropriate age for hips, elbows, eyes, and thyroid. Be very careful in the state of Pennsylvania of "Puppy Mills'.  Puppy Mill breeders generally have a dozen litters a year and may raise other breeds of dogs. Our breeding program consists of breeding for temperament, overall hunting ability, soundness of health, conformation, intelligence, obedience willingness, natural pointing ability and retrieving instincts. We sell pups to approved homes only with NAVHDA homes given first preference. Raising, training and showing dogs is our PASSION.
*  We do not sell pups to agents, brokers or pet shops!  Please contact us for our upcoming litter and availability of pups.  A list of references is available upon request. It is the policy of Keystone Gun Dogs that deposits are non-refundable unless there are not enough males or females in the litter in order for you to get a puppy. Or you can request to wait for the next available litter.
When the pups are 2-3 days old, they take their first trip to the vet for tail docking, dewclaw removal, weight recording and overall checkups. Back home pups stay with their mama where she keeps busy cleaning her babies, keeping them warm, and nursing.

Starting at 2 weeks of age, the pups are handled more frequently to begin their socialization with humans. The pups are lightly petted and groomed and their nails are clipped.

At approximately 4 weeks old the pups will get introduced to softened puppy food to begin the weaning process. The nails continue to get clipped as necessary to protect mama from scratches and continues the socialization process.

Between 5 to 6 weeks of age, the puppies naturally "play" at retrieving objects, proudly walking around with small bird wings in their mouth.  Every pup is introduced to pheasant feathers on the end of a fishing rod and/or live quail. Some puppies at 5 weeks old are already sight pointing.

Between 7-8 weeks old the pups make another trip to the veterinarian for their first vaccinations. A licensed vet examines each pup. By now the puppies have been totally weaned from mamma and are fed puppy food.  When choosing your puppy please do not concentrate on his/her markings and color when picking your pup.  There's much more to a pup besides its color!  A lot of the time the puppy will pick you!  Look for personality, playfulness and it you're looking for a hunting buddy ask the breeder if he/she feels a puppy would make a better hunter than any of its litter mates and ask why they feel that way.  Keystone Gun Dogs works hard at focusing on raising healthy and good tempered dogs.

Pups go to their new homes at 8 weeks.

Please keep in touch with emails, phone calls and photos!

Health Guarantee
Your new puppy is guaranteed to be healthy at time of sale. All pups are checked by our licensed vet and each pup will have its own Health Certificate.  All pups are dewormed and will have received their first series of vaccinations. Keystone Gun Dogs recommends that you bring your new puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of possession for an examination.  If your new puppy is found not to be in good health, with a letter from your licensed veterinarian stating so, buyer notifies Keystone Gun Dogs immediately, and returns the puppy and the full purchase price will be refunded.  Pups are guaranteed against hip dysplasia (OFA only certification), Von Willebrand's Disease, Heart Disease, Addison's Disease, eye disorders and Lupoid Dermatosis for three years from date of whelp.  We have gorgeous dogs and puppies with awesome hunting ability as well as the temperament that will make our dogs outstanding members for your family.  We pride ourselves to breed only sound healthy adults.

When coming to take your puppy home you may pay for your pup with cash, bank check or a prior Pay Pal payment.  Personal checks will not be accepted.
Thank you.

Keystone Gun Dogs reserves the right not to sell a puppy to anyone at anytime for the best interest of the dog.

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