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Ruger vom Schlussstein NA Pz 1, JH, CGC, UT II, SH

On 5/7/14 at only 7 1/2 months of age Ruger earned the maximum score for his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.  Prize 1, 112 points

On October 26, 2014 Ruger completed his 4th leg of the AKC Junior Hunter test.

May 31, 2015 Ruger successfully passed the Canine Good Citizen test.

At 1 year and 11 months of age Ruger was tested in the NAVHDA Utility Test and earned a high score of 191 and a Prize II.

October 4, 2015 Ruger was officially recorded as earned the AKC Senior Hunter title at only 2 years of age.

As of October 11, 2015 Ruger also earned two Qualifying Scores toward his AKC Master Hunter title with plans of finishing him in Masters in 2017.

Kimber vom Schlussstein NA Pz 1, JH, CGC, TDI, SH

•     NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1, 112 points at 11 months old
•     AKC Junior Hunter title:  10/19/14
•     AKC Canine Good Citizen:  4/25/16
•     Therapy Dogs International: 4/25/16
•     2nd place Wallkill Kennel Club, 2/26/16
•     2nd place Rockland County Kennel Club, 2/27/16 & 2/28/16
1st place Monticello Kennel Club, 3/12/16
Kimber completed her AKC Senior Hunter title, 11/13/16
VC Keystone's Sweet Southern Belle, MH


Master Hunting Test. A Master hunting dog must give a finished performance and demonstrate clearly that it deserves to be qualified as such. This is the complete hunting companion that any hunter would be proud to own. It must be under its handler's control at all times, and handle kindly, with an absolute minimum of noise and hacking by the handler. A Master hunting dog must show a keen desire to hunt, must have a bold and attractive manner of running, and must demonstrate not only intelligence in seeking objectives, but also the ability to find game. The dog must hunt for its handler at all times at a range suitable for a handler on foot, and should show or check in front of its handler frequently. It must cover adequate ground but never range out-of-sight for a length of time that would detract from its usefulness as a practical hunting companion. The dog must locate game, must point staunchly, and must be steady to wing and shot on all birds and if it breaks, it cannot receive a Qualifying score. Intelligent use of the wind and terrain in locating game, accurate nose, and intensity on point are essential. Whenever it encounters its bracemate on point, it must honor. A dog that steals its bracemate's point cannot receive a Qualifying score. A Master hunting dog must positively demonstrate its steadiness to wing and shot. All birds that are pointed by the Master dog in a bird field must be shot where safety allows. If gunning is being done on course, all birds pointed on course must be shot where safety allows. Gunning must be done by Official Guns only. A legitimate attempt to retrieve all downed birds must be made. Conditions such as the type of cover, where the birds landed, the terrain, and the condition of the downed bird, sometimes make a retrieve impossible and this should not reflect negatively on the score of the Master dog. All killed birds must be retrieved promptly, tenderly and absolutely to hand. The handler shall not command or signal the dog to retrieve

(Dixie is owned, trained and loved by Jim Norfleet)
On April 21, 2013 Keystone Gun Dogs' Truffles earned her AKC Junior Hunter title at only 6 months and 20 days old. Truffles will continue her training for the Utility title.
Schokolade Truffles vom Schlussstein JH, NA Pz II
(above) Garbonita Indian Rain Dance NA pz 1, CGC, TDI, UT pz III
Tiva earned her TDI!  Therapy Dogs International

Tresa earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) also on May 2nd!  Way to go Tresa!

(above) Sonje vom Schlussstein at 11 months old.
Sonje w/owner Buddy proudly showing off their successful day afield.
7 Chukars were put out. Sonje found 11 Chukars and 2 pheasants. 9 Chukars were taken along with 1 pheasant.

Digby vom Schlussstein

whelped 7/21/10

Sire:  Buddy von Yankee Des Shorthair
Dam:  Keystone's Sweet Briar's Journey JH

Owned by Steven & Helen Cruz

Received on Sept. 25, 2011
Natural Ability Prize 1 Perfect Score of 112 Points



On Saturday and Sunday Chloe ran in the dual hunt tests put on by Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club and The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Ohio at the ORPDC grounds in Harrisville, PA. Despite the cold wet conditions and dead and non flying birds, Chloe managed to pass three legs of her JH title with scores of 9-9-9-9 / 9-9-8-8 / and 7-7-7-7.

Unfortunately she failed to receive a passing score on her second run on Saturday afternoon. I think because none of the birds were flying at all, her desire for birds overcame her training and she busted right in and grabbed them scoring a 0 in pointing that round but a 10 for bird finding as she found and delivered to hand 5 birds.

Luckily she rebounded for Sunday's events. I believe we are planning a trip to Ohio in November to the Miami Vizsla Club to try and finish her JH title. Congratulations on the success Keystone Gundogs is having this fall with Dixie and Digby as well! Attached is a picture of Chloe and her 3 qualifying score ribbons.

Thank You,
John & Ashley
Chloe (10 mos.) October 2011  Chloe is out of Trinka X Kansas

Hello Marie,
I hope you are doing well and staying cool. Today (July 23, 2011) we took Jacoby to the Hudson Valley Dock Dogs Competition in Millerton, NY. We are very proud and happy to report that he came in 2nd place with a jump of 18'6' in the Big Air competition. The Labrador that beat him posted a 19' jump but was also the 2010 Junior World Champion in Big Air. He also participated in the Speed Retrieve Competition and did very well. We are looking forward to compete with him again in September here in Connecticut. We will be trying hard to get him over the 20 foot mark, but most of all seeing him have a blast jumping in to the pool. He was the one dog who sat there patiently and didn't bark at all the entire day. Everyone was very impressed with his jumping ability especially being under the age of two and being in his first event.
Hope to see you again soon.
Joe and Maggie
Jim pictured with Keystone's Sweet Southern Belle (Dixie)
Dixie working towards her Master Hunter title through AKC.  Championship. Awesome job Jim! That's quite an accomplishment for a 3-year old!
Jim tested Dixie for her NAVHDA Utility Title on August 28, 2010 through the Hickory Run Chapter.  Dixie tested well and passed with a Prize 1 and total points of 204!  
(Dixie is a full sister to Trinka)
Hello Marie,

It’s been a long time since I sent you some photos of Dixie. As you know Dixie passed her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in April of last year with a score of 112. Since then we have been training for the NAVHDA Utility Test which we plan to take in the fall of this year.  She is a good dog and can do every part of the test now at the “4” level with the exception of the duck search. She’s probably about at a high “2” or low “3” now. When she starts to expand her search more she'll be at the “4” level there too. I don't think that will take long because she started to get it last year, but the water got too cold, then it was hunting season, so we have been hunting since then. We are training hard to get that 204 perfect score in the UT.

While we are training for the “UT” we will also be training for the AKC Master. We plan to do that in the spring of 2011. My mentor here in my local Chapter believes Dixie will pass it too since our dogs are much better trained than most AKC tested dogs.

Anyway here are some pictures from our pheasant hunting trip to Kansas. As luck would have it the weather man got it wrong (again) and a blizzard struck. Hunting conditions were terrible and the birds would not hold at all. However, we did get a rooster, learned a lot, and had fun!

We also went goose hunting yesterday.  It was Dixie’s first time. She was a little intimidated by the size of the geese when she got to one, but did fetch 2 of the 3 I got. So we did a little fetch work on the table and in the yard today.  Attached are pictures from both hunts. Hunting in Kansas was a lot of work and she took long naps after each hunt.

Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

(Dixie is only 19 months old as of Nov. 2009. Dixie is out of Dallas)

This is Dixie (above) at 9 months old. Owned by Jim N. (Virginia)  Dixie took NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1 and a PERFECT score!!!  Dixie is out of Dallas and Rowdy. (2009)

Hello Marie,
Here are some photos of Dixie doing some water retrieves. She had just completed a duck search and retrieved a Mallard. Sorry, my buddy did not take a picture of the duck search.
She is doing well in her training. We are both training hard and by September 2010 she'll be ready for the NAVHDA Utility Test. I have no doubt that she'll receive another prefect score at Prize I 204
We are also going to Kansas this fall hunting with family and friends.
Take care,

WATER (3 points)

Josey (below) at 6 months old. Josey is out of Dallas and Kansas).
Hi Marie,  I just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Josey in the field. She is doing wonderful. She is retrieving to hand. Wendy and I are very proud parents. Mike the owner of the preserve is very pleased in what he is seeing with her. These are pictures from this past weekend. We put 5 chukars out for her she pointed all 5 birds. Wendy killed 4 of them. Josey brought everything back to hand. She is a good one. Thank you for your time and I will keep you updated on her progress.  Doug & Wendy
Millie, took 1st place in a AKC match show.
(Millie is out of Journey and Spike)
Hi Marie,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've attached some pics from our latest hunt. Muncy has far exceeded my expectations in the field up to this point. I've had him out numerous times so far and he has performed wonderfully each time. He doesn't hunt good for a puppy, but just good period. He's hunted with two veteran Brittanies several times now and no one would realize he's only 8 months old. His nose is great and he holds point like a champ. I was hoping he would eventually get this good and he's there already. My dad owned and hunted over two German Wirehaired Pointers and an English Pointer and said the first time he hunted over Muncy (when he was only 6 months old) that he had what it took to be special. And my brother-in-law (the owner of the Brittanies-one of which is a field champion) has marveled over Muncy's abilities up to this point. He honestly is a natural. He listens, comes, and whoas on my command - but the rest is all him. Besides all of that - he's extremely handsome (and he knows it). Just thought you'd appreciate the update and be proud of his progress.  Hope all is well.

Congratulations to Kansas on earning his Therapy Dogs International, Inc. title (TDI) the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.  Kansas has an awesome temperament and as you can see by the photos he loves children!

Congrats Jan and Joel on Keystone's Otto Von Ryans Express on acquiring his Junior Hunter title.  
 Otto is currently in training to obtain his Senior title!   Keep up the great work!

Congratulations to Philip and Molly on earning her Junior Hunter title.  Awesome! Philip also trains Molly for agility and obedience.
Peter (above) with Penny.  Penny is a litter mate to my Briar.  They are out of Journey and Smokey.

Keystone's Sweet Briar's Journey receiving her Junior Hunter title!

                      Keystone's Lil' Gypsy Doodle (AKC Junior Hunter)     (A very tired Marie (w/Elke) after running 3 dogs in one weekend.                   
                                                                                                                        All the dogs finished their Junior Hunter titles.

AKC Keystone's Deluxe Edition, JH  Dallas finished her title in 2005.

Tracker was the model dog for the above pewter pin by George Harris.                                           Tracker (above) in 1989.

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