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Keystone's Sweet Briar's Journey JH
52 lbs.
OFA Elbows Normal # GSP-EL1320F42-VPI
OFA Hips Good # GSP-14366G42F-VPI
DNA Profile # V620890
Briar is out of Journey and Smokey. She is the great-granddaughter of Tracker with a pedigree including Esser's Chick, FC Tip Top Timmy, Moesgaard, and Ravenwood, with many Field, Dual and American Field Champions.  Briar is an extremely strong swimmer, and retriever.  She is a very strong dog in the field packed with style!
Above, Briar (left) and Gypsy.                          
Above, Briar at hunt test.
Journey (above) is Briar's Dam.

Smokey is Briar's Sire.
Keystone's Pure Determination (Elke) is Briar's "'Grand" Dam.

Keystone's Hot Shot Hansel is Briar's "Grand" Sire.

 "Muddy Foot Tracker" is Briar's Great Grand Sire on her Dam's side.
(Tracker was owned and trained by Keystone Gun Dogs)

Von Holsters CT Boozer
("The Booze" is Briar's Great Grand Sire on her Sire's side)