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FAVORITE LINKS  (Page down for links of places to shop for clothing and dog supplies)
Dessin Animal Shelter (Honesdale, PA)

(We recommend you join your local & international NAVHDA chapter today!)

Can I Give My Dog...? This is a great link!  It answers all kinds of questions on what you can give or NOT give to your dog from Aleve to Zyrtec. All dog owners have questions about which human foods and human prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be safely given to their dog. The medication questions will usually pop up when your dog is showing signs of illness on a Saturday night when your veterinarian is not available, and you have a number of both prescription and OTC medications sitting in your medicine cabinet …. or you are sitting on your couch eating chocolate ice cream, and your four-legged friend is giving you those “Please, please, please…” eyes, and you think to yourself, “just a taste won't hurt my little darling.” Check out this link.  It can save your dogs life! (On a personal note, Keystone Gun Dogs does not recommend dog chews made out of raw hide as recommended on this link.  If unsure always check with your veterinarian).
In The Company of Dogs (Great gear and gifts for dogs & the people who share their lives)
The Ugly Dog Hunting Company (another link for outdoor wear for women)
(The link above is for a holster for a water bottle. Please always carry water for your dog.
 Even if it's cold out your dog will need to stay hydrated. A regular size water bottle
with a squirt cap is the best.)

Above from left: Briar, Tiva, Trinka, Gypsy & Kansas
(photo taken on January 1, 2012)
Gypsy (2nd from right) is wearing the Polar Dog Visibility Vest sold by Gun Dog Supply.
Briar & Kansas is wearing the Neoprene Chest Protector from Cabelas.
The Polar Dog Visibility Vest is a lighter weight but is not recommended for summer use. It is also water resistant and is highly visible.  The Polar Dog Vest zippers up the back and is easy to put on and off the dog.   Trinka (in center) is wearing a Velcro chest protector and is not easy to put on and often unravels in the field. The Neoprene Chest Protector from Cabelas is better for colder weather hunting and wet conditions or hunting in thick cover and is also a nice bright blaze orange.  The Neoprene from Cabelas closes with Velcro on the dog's back. I especially love the visibility and protection that these vests provide.
(Pictured below is Gypsy wearing the Polar Visibility Vest (size Large). However, it's only slightly big on her and she weighs only about 40 lbs.)

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